My Cuppa Coffee

A Cup of Cappuccino

A Cup of Cappuccino

Me: “Once upon a time…?”;
Me: “Oh, No!”;
Me: “Okay, Hmm… Then how should I start the story?”;

There’s a time that I need to be alone.

Me: “Stop! Stop! Stop!”;
Me: “Need to be alone? Really?”;
Me: “I witness that most of your lifetime, you spent it all alone.”;
Me: “Don’t you?”;
Me: “Well, don’t interrupt me please! Okay?”;
Me: “Peace!”;

Now I am sitting alone and waiting for my Cuppa Coffee, A cup of Cappuccino. Just wonder what to do. I’m just looking around and wow it’s pretty crowd. Few minutes later, finally, here comes my Cappuccino. Without waiting any longer, I’m taking a good, long swig and I lost myself in the moment. I guzzled down half of the container at once. The lightly flavored with just a hint of coffee, I love it.

And suddenly, I smile while taking a sip of it. This is just like a taste of my life, bittersweet, that’s it. And I realize that life is actually simple as it is. The way we think determine everything and mostly makes our life complicated with wishes, disappointment, uncertainty, dissatisfaction, annoyance and many others. At this moment, I’ve calmed down and I remember what you said to me couple days ago: “Take it easy, Live life happily”. Well, I’m trying.

I let this blended drink pacifies my mind, and somehow I see many wonderful things that once ever happened in my life. I present myself a big and a nice smile. This way I’m gonna end this note. I just wish that I could stay forever in this state when I could clearly see that when things seem to be tough, we may just need to resolve.

Thanks to this espresso blend and to you, the one who inspire me.

“For tomorrow I never know; for yesterday I can’t turn back; only present, the only option; this is where I should live.” – Me.


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